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*Gutter and Sculptured Eave Trim profiles can vary by brand

Northern Gutter System

Garco is now offering a Northern gutter system which is designed to offer superior performance in ice and snow conditions. The overall gutter and rake profile of the new Northern gutter system is the same as our current standard gutter and rake, except that all the trim is detailed from the bottom of the roof panel instead of from the top. This lowers the gutter and rake trim by the depth of the roof panel.

This new arrangement has a number of advantages:

  • First, in heavy snow and ice conditions the gutter is below the plane of the roof, reducing the possibility of sliding snow or ice tearing the gutters off the building.
  • Second, the placement of the Northern gutter and its revised profile require that the gutter is not only below the roof line, but in addition, the front edge of the gutter is lower than the back. Therefore, the Northern gutter system does not require field cut overflow scuppers. In the event an overflow did occur it would be over the top front edge of the gutter and, most importantly, away from the building.
  • Third, a large amount of gutter capacity is gained without enlarging the gutter. In Garco’s standard gutter system as much as half of the gutter depth is lost in the trapezoidal standing seam application and an additional amount is lost when the overflow scuppers are field cut in the back of the gutter. Due to the increased gutter capacity achieved when the Northern gutter system design is utilized, the number of downspouts required to effectively drain the Northern gutter and the labor to install them is dramatically reduced. Depending on rainfall intensity a 100′ x 200′ building may only require 10 downspouts, 6 fewer than before.

Be aware that the benefits achieved in the event of an ice and snow condition require that the gutter is below the leading edge of the roof panel. The result is that the end of the roof panel is exposed to view and in some cases may be aesthetically objectionable. Obviously, when determining the placement of walkways, the potential danger to pedestrians from falling ice and snow must be considered and appropriate steps taken by the erector.

Garco’s Northern gutter system is recommended in any geographic area in which the potential exists for the ice and snow accumulation. In some cases the benefits of the Northern gutter system may warrant its optional use even in geographic areas in which this potential accumulation does not exist.


Product Description
Feature: Mitered corners on all trim
Hems on appropriate legs
Gutter, rake, and downspouts
Optional Northern gutter system
Provide twenty foot lengths on most trim
Eave Trim: Offset Panel Cap Trim
Sculptured Eave Trim
Eave Gutter
Box Gutter
Type I Gutter
High Side Eave Trim
Low Side Eave Trim
Base Trim: Base Angle
Formed Base Trim
Base Flash
Other: Rake Trim
Angle Trim
Corner Trim
Inside Corner Trim
Starter Trim
Jamb Trim
Head Trim
Head Trim Door & Window Trim
Tie-In Trim
Roof Conversion Trim