Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a system for containing a building’s physical and functional characteristics in a digital format. A building’s overall cost can be greatly reduced with a single source of information from conception through design, construction and operation.

Fort Bliss located in El Paso, Texas was Garco Building Systems, Inc.’s first BIM project in early 2009. This Army Corp. of Engineers project was composed of 60 individual buildings where Garco supplied complete building structures, as well as multiple export file types for clash detection and coordination. With Tekla® Structures being a world class structural detailing tool as well as BIM compliant; Garco was able to customize this primarily conventional steel program to work effectively in a non-conventional pre-engineered metal building (PEMB) project to fully meet the strict BIM requirements.

As an offering to Garco’s loyal builder base, we are able to supply complete models for the different types of structures currently being built today. This includes large Heavy Industrial type buildings (mining, truck washes, etc.) as well as conventional steel and the high complex commercial projects. With multiple export file types that allows us to share with our builders and architects, we can coordinate buildings to fit the design criteria and help identify areas which may require manipulation or re-design. This also provides our builder the ability to verify interior conditions, such as equipment location and clearance requirements and to coordinate with other disciplines to make the erection of the project more successful and less time intensive.

Tekla BIMsight ( is a free user-friendly BIM viewer provided by Tekla. This tool allows you to review the structure, check member sizes, and helps in identifying possible problem areas. On a project being detailed with Tekla Structures, simply request the Tekla BIMsight model from our local Project Management team. This request will be met during the different levels of submittal and an updated model can be sent out for review during the building production process.

Click the image to view Garco’s Building Information Modeling in action.