Products & Systems

Garco Building Systems is your first choice for steel building manufacturing in the Northwest. Our nearly limitless range of multi-purpose metal building systems allows you the freedom and security to build what you want the way you want. Our product line includes: Standing Seam Roof Panels; Wall Panels; Canopies, Walkway Covers and Soffit Panels; and Liner Panels.

Roof Panels

  • • Garco’s Standing Seam Roof (SSR) Panels are specially designed to be mechanically seamed together as opposed to being fastened with screws. This provides a more water resistant roofing system. The panels are lightweight and easily installed. SSR systems can be installed over an existing roof system already in place. Here is a sample of what we have to offer.
  • • Trapezoidal Structural Panels for low-sloping commercial or industrial roofs
  • • Vertical Leg Structural  Panels for low to steep sloping architectural roofs
  • • Non-Structural Architectural Panels

Garco’s Thru-Fastened Roof Panels are an excellent example of weather-resistant roofing. The high-strength steel is impervious to hail and sleet and moisture buildup.

Wall Panels
Garco offers two types of wall panels: architectural and commercial/industrial. Choose the architectural style with concealed fasteners to satisfy the designer. Utilize the commercial and industrial with exposed fasteners for your larger-scale projects.

Canopies, Walkway Covers and Soffit Panels
These optional building accessories are available at Garco Building Systems and add a sense of aesthetic charm and character to your structural design, while concurrently serving the functional purpose of providing shade and safety from the elements.

Liner Panels
Garco’s customized Liner Panels make an excellent addition to your project by concealing underlying structural components when a cleaner look is desired. Panels may double as ceiling treatments or as a decorative siding option. Similar to the canopies and walkway covers, the liner panels are available with an architectural or commercial/industrial appeal.