Photovoltaic Technology

Solar Technology has advanced since its inception decades ago especially in the era of photovoltaic or PV systems. Federal and local governments are evaluating and adopting tax incentive programs to encourage companies and individuals to install solar power systems on their property and some utility companies are buying unused energy at preset rates, sometimes above what they sell it for.

Photovoltaic systems still require exposure to the sun making a building’s roof one of the more favorable installation locations. Garco Building Systems metal roofs provide an ideal substrate for solar arrays and offer unique environmental and performance advantages consisting of:

    • • Long-lasting durability that factors into an overall low lifetime cost while outliving currently available PV systems
    • • A virtually maintenance-free system
    • • Superior warranties
    • • Virtually 100% recyclable material comprised of 20 to 30% postconsumer recycled steel
    • • A wide array of vibrant cool roof colors that are highly reflective, reducing the heat island effect in urban areas while contributing to energy efficiency in southern climates
    • • For net heating environments, Galvalume Plus™ panels offer an economical solution with low emittance, maximizing a building’s ability to hold heat while still offering a reflective surface to aid in the reduction of summer cooling loads.
    • • Consult our experts to get help in determining which solution saves the most energy.

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