Associations & Certifications

Garco Building Systems is associated with the following standards organizations. Our builders can take pride in knowing their structures exceed the rigorous quality standards and guidelines specified by the associations listed below.

Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA)
The MBMA has served as the voice of a large concerned manufacturer base for over 60 years. Founded in 1956, the MBMA requires that all its member companies abide by a strict code of industry standards that create and maintain the highest level of quality. Membership in the MBMA is not required. However, Garco has been a member as a metal building systems manufacturer for over 30 years because Garco believes in the leadership and research the association provides for the metal buildings industry.

American Welding Society (AWS)
The AWS, a not-for-profit organization, has worked to continue the developmental efforts of the welding industry since its inception in 1919. The AWS represents and supports extended education from a scientific and technological standpoint in the welding community as well as others closely related: brazing, soldering, and other metal fusion processes.


The CSA-A660 Standard was developed to assist code enforcement officials in reviewing building permit submissions incorporating steel building systems, and to help purchasers receive a quality certified building. The CSA-A660 Standard requires that the manufacturers’ production facilities, staff and quality assurance systems be certified by an independent certification agency. As part of the CSA-A660 compliance, the manufacturer will provide a “Certificate of Design and Manufacturing Conformance” signed and sealed by a licensed Professional Engineer for each building project. Associated facilities and joint venture partners manufacturing steel building systems for Garco Building Systems are certified to the requirements of CSA A660.

Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB)

The CWB was formed as a section of the Canadian Standards Division in 1947. Now an organization within the private sector, the non-profit CWB offers certification and registration services to the professional welding community. The CWB acts in accordance with other previously instituted standards and regulations. Garco Building Systems are part of the Cornerstone Building Brands family, which has manufacturing facilities certified by CWB to CSA A660 to manufacture steel building systems.

International Accreditation Service, Inc.
The IAS lends confidence and security to an organization’s services and/or products. An IAS accreditation means the company in question meets and surpasses industry guidelines concerning durability and performance. The IAS recognizes Garco Building Systems as an approved fabricator of structural steel building assemblies.

Architectural Testing, Inc.
With regional laboratories across the United States, Architectural Testing conducts semi-annual inspections of the Garco facility. The inspections encompass procedural reviews as well as overall compliance with the standards set by the American Welding Society, ensuring a safe and secure metal building system.

IAS Accreditation’s

Fabrication Facilities- Cornerstone Building Brands

Fabrication Facilities-MBCI

Fabrication Facilities- Metl-Span

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